Abed Mahfouz gown for Rhiannon – Celtic goddess of the moon and inspiration

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Abed Mahfouz gown for Euterpe, Greek muse oflyric poetry

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Zuhair Murad gown for Ragana - Latvian goddess of marriage

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for Ragana - Latvian goddess of marriage

Marchesa gown for Neith – Egyptian goddess of war, then great mother Goddess – a name of the primal waters, the Goddess of creation and weaving, said to weave all of the world on her loom

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Nicolas Jebran gown for Oźwiena - Eastern European goddess of echo, gossip, fame and glory

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for Iris – Personification of the Rainbow, also the messenger of Olympus along with Hermes.


The Blonds Spring/Summer 2013

Renato Balestra gown for Eulabeia - Greek goddess of discretion, caution and circumspection

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Roberto Cavali gown for Ameonna - Chinese rain goddess

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