For Porewit - Eastern European god of the woods, who protected lost voyagers and punished those who mistreated the forest


© Daniel David Photography

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For Athirat - Canaanite “walker of the sea”, Mother Goddess


Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring 2014

For Renenutet - Egyptian goddess of nourishment and harvest


Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2010

MGSM dress for Aphrodite - Goddess of love, beauty, and desire.


Mother of Pearl dress for Arianrhod – Welsh goddess of the moon, stars and sky


Zuhair Murad gown for Freya - considered to be the Norse goddess of Love and Beauty, but is also a warrior goddess and one of great wisdom and magick.

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Dior Homme ensemble for Angus Og - Irish God of youth, love, and beauty.


JJ Valaya ensemble for Shiva - regarded as one of the primary forms of God in the Hindu religion, such as one of the five primary forms of God in the Smarta tradition, and “the Destroyer” or “the Transformer” among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. Shiva is also regarded as the patron god of yoga and arts.


Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble for Deimos - Greek god of terror, son of Ares and brother of Phobos.


Louis Vuitton blaser for Sors - Roman god of luck